At Whiter Image we are truly dedicated to your success with outstanding products, stylish branding, and unmatched Dedicated Account Support. See below a few testimonials from our very satisfied customers.

Heidi K.

“Our customers love the Whiter Image products and it’s adding tremendously too our bottom line. We did over $4,000 last month with your products and expecting it to grow! The $300 staff sales contest you offered was also a huge motivator!”

Heidi K. Planet Beach Spa
Stephanie H.

“I never thought that teeth whitening would be such a major part of our income stream. The products work, we love the packaging, and you truly stand behind your account support system to help make us successful. Thank you!”

Stephanie H. Spokane, WA
Jason S.

“Products are going great here, I only have 20 kits left of the 250 I ordered 2 weeks ago! We have 15 whitenings this week alone in our salons, and I moved 100 units to Ultratan in Louisville for their Kentucky Derby tanning specials they run each year. Momentum is strong and I am confident it will continue. It’s a pleasure representing your products.”

Jason S. Ultratan
Vernon M.

“We just did our first “live” paying customer and she got 6 shades whiter!!! She looked great and was very happy.”

Vernon M. Aria Spa
Don C.

“I paid for the total cost of the Whiter Image System in 5 days with over $4,200 in revenue! We have had an outstanding response! It offers an added benefit for the members with a very positive experience and great results with an extremely easy process.”

Don C. Longview
 Debbie C.

“We have been very, very pleased with the Whiter Image system and appreciate all the support, training and education we’ve received that put us far ahead of our competition. Our staff and clients are excited and across the board everyone who’s done teeth whitening so far has gotten at least 4 shades whiter. One client even saw a 10 shade improvement! This time of year is usually slow for us and Whiter Image has helped us keep the revenue coming in! ”

Debbie C. Jacksonville, NC